Tips To Keep Yourself Safe During Hajj 2015

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September 18, 2015
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Tips To Keep Yourself Safe During Hajj 2015


To ensure that you don’t experience any inconvenience during Hajj 2015, you should follow the safety tips here:

You should keep in  contact with friiends and family. The top safety tip for Hajj 2015 is to keep connected with your Hajj team. To make sure that you can contact your friends and family members in your country, it is recommended that you keep an unlocked cell phone, in which you can load credit by buying card from one of the telephone companies in Saudi Arabia. You can conveniently buy a SIM card from the different telephone companies in Makkah and Madina. It will cost you around 100  Riyals. You can load the credit from 20 to 100 Riyals in your cell phone. For extra money you can load more amount off Riyals. The cell phone can be extremely useful when there is emergency and you want to contact your home and family. Similarly people from your city can contact you to communicate with you.

You must ensure that you must take prescription medicine with yourself when you visit holy places in Saudi Arabia, because the medicines are expensive in Saudi Arabia. Secondly you can make an identity card for yourself. During the Hajj 2015, you will not be able to keep the passport with yourself. Therefore the identity card will be used for identification when you do not remember the way of your hotel. It will also help you if you become sick or experience any trouble. The identity card will be useful if you are left away from your assigned group. The number one advice for the Hajj 2015 is that you should keep alert. You must be cautious of pick pockets. Numerous pilgrims have lost money because of pick pockets.


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