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Trade Rules in Islam


“And measure full when you measure. And weigh with an even balance. This is better and its end is good.” Al-Quran (17:35)

Islam provides complete code of conduct for its believers so that they can live both personal and professional life lawfully and in comfort. Islam spread gradually and reached every corner of the earth. Muslim conquerors and trade at the same time supported its spread. One of the key trade rules in Islam is that whatever business you do it must be conducted with full honesty and justice. All dealings should be done with nobility.

According to teachings of Islam, the permissible sources of income from trade deals are those in which all concerning parties enjoy equal benefits on the just basis. It is ordered to disapprove unjust transactions or those bringing hardships either for buyers or vendors. The Holy Prophet (p.b.u.h) implemented this rule because he wanted both the sellers and customers to be considerate and sympathetic towards each other.

Traders must not think that they have unrestricted liberty to gain as much profit as they want. As per Islamic rulings, retailers can only take the due profit and are not allowed to overburden the buyers. Before Islam, traders were used to of stocking the basic items so as to cause the fake inflation and then sell the same with huge price tags. Islam rules out this unjust act because it is against the human kindness and cause pain to impoverished people of the society.

About payment of debts of all kinds including business related, it is commanded to pay off as soon as possible within the committed time period. However, creditor has also been instructed not to get inconsiderate and unkind while taking the loan back. He should consider the financial circumstances of the debtor and show mercy and humanity. Trade rules in Islam are very clear to comprehend and do the business accordingly so as to establish a society worth living.


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