The Important Facts To Remember While Performing Umrah

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October 5, 2015
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October 15, 2015
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The Important Facts To Remember While Performing Umrah


Millions of pilgrims leave on the spiritual journey to Holy Kingdom for performing Umrah every year. Therefore, it is necessary that they should pay consideration to the few factors during the Umrah to make sure their worship is as per the methods described in Islam. Therefore, we are providing important instructions for the pilgrims to perform their pilgrimage properly. By following these tips they can perform Umrah very conveniently. Please read more for the necessary tips:

You Should Carry Out The Research Before Starting Your Journey

Search for the travel agents who can assist you in performing the Umrah conveniently. You should tell them to reserve accommodation in hotels near Haram, to make your prayers convenient.

Carry Light Luggage On Your Journey

You should pack essential items for your journey to Saudi Arabia. Keep compulsory and useful items in your bags.

Perform Your Shopping In Madina Only

If you want to shop in the Holy Kingdom, then you must buy products from Madina only. That is because Madina offers top quality products at the most economical prices. The price of merchandize is comparatively lower than Mecca. The shopkeepers are also polite and friendly.

Exchange All Your Currency In Madina

Madina provides profitable exchange rates than Mecca.

You Should Make A Checklist Of Your Important Items

When you leave for Umrah you must pack all your important items like clothes, medicines and accessories to ensure you have convenient access when you need them.

Keep A Pair Of Comfortable Shoes

You will be required to walk for long hours during Umrah. Therefore, you should keep comfortable shoes for walking.

Visit Holy Places In The Mecca and Madina

Umrah provides a great opportunity for Muslims to visit the Holy places like shrines, mosques and important monuments while staying in Holy Kingdom. The cities of Mecca and Madina consist of many important places of Islamic and historical significance that must be visited by the pilgrims.


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