Some Important Facts About Hajj That Muslims Should Know

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Some Important Facts About Hajj That Muslims Should Know


For obtaining the spiritual benefits of Islam it is necessary for all the Muslims to  increase their knowledge about Hajj. That can motivate them to start their pilgrimage of Hajj. Therefore, we have listed some of the facts about the Hajj:

There are more than two and a half million Muslims who travel to Makkah on yearly basis to perform the Hajj.

Hajj is considered as largest congregation of humanity at one time and place. It is the spiritually illuminating experience for the Muslims and the logistical feat of government of Saudi Arabia.

Hajj in the previous decades was the journey that was carried out once in the lifetime of Muslims. People used to collect money for their the entire period of their life before they performed Hajj.

The journey to Makkah was considered the rigorous journey. It used to take months or even years to reach Makkah on foot or horseback. The pilgrims would travel through mountainous territories or deserts. They were often attacked by the dacoits who would steal their money.

“And proclaim the Pilgrimage among men. They will come to thee on foot and (mounted) on every kind of camel, lean on account of journeys through deep and distant mountain highways…” (Al Quran 22:27)

As mentioned by the Saudi Press a Agency, by the 1950s, the number of pilgrims performing Hajj was estimated to be 100,000. This number increased by two times by 1955. In 1972 this number increased to staggering 645,000 pilgrims. This is one of the most astounding Hajj facts.

One of the most noteworthy Hajj facts is that the number of pilgrims performing Hajj increased more then one million in 1983. Thereforeore, OIC or the Organization of Islamic Conference passed a policy to reduce the number of pilgrims by Limiting them with quota system. The quota was provided for many countries by calculating their population.


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