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Significance of Dua In Islam


We all know that there are times in our life when we are happy and there are times when we are unhappy. There are certain times in everyone’s life when they have to face difficulties. That leaves us puzzled and perplexed. This is the time when Muslims ask for help from Almighty Allah.

Allah says in Quran that: “He is the One that has created Life and Death in order to test who amongst you is best in conduct.” (Verses: 67:2)

The suitable conditions in our life demand us to stay devoted and thankful to Allah. While the unsuitable conditions demand us to stay patient and ask for help from Allah.

All Muslims believe that all the events that occur in one’s life are because of the Will of Allah. Good and bad periods of life are bestowed by Allah. The Muslims should practice the best of their faith in both situations. The Holy Quran mentions that:  “Verily we will test you with some fear, hunger, and loss of wealth, life or the fruits (of your labor.” (Verses, 2:155)

The most noteworthy activity you can do in time of adversity is Dua that is prayer. When there is no help on your side and you feel world is mistreating you, you can always pray in front of Allah for His Devine support. Whenever the Muslims face difficult times, they pray in front of Allah. Their firm faith in Allah and belief in Dua keeps them protected from the difficult situations.

It is told in Hadith that when the Holy Prophet (PBUH) came to visit the community that faced difficulties, he suggested, “Why don’t they supplicate (make dua) to Allah for assistance?”

It is explained in another Hadith that Dua has the power to change the destiny. Therefore, it is necessary that all Muslims should say their Dua after the prayers,  to obtain the blessings of Allah.


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