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October 27, 2015
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October 29, 2015
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Riya (Showing Yourself To Be Virtuous)


Riya stands for performing good deeds that are preferred by Almighty Allah with the purpose of obtaining worldly favors from people. That proves that the fundamental intention of the person is to show off his good acts just to obtain the recognition and praise from the people. Therefore, it is similar to practicing virtue out of pride with the intention of becoming popular in the society.

It is important to elaborate that Riya compels the people to concentrate on obtaining acclamation from the people instead of searching for Allah’s acceptance and support.  That can be translated into a fact that people give more attention to other people instead of seeking the favor of Almighty Allah.

Therefore people should know that this world is temporary in nature and their main concern should be doing deeds that can please Almighty Allah. That can be the true benefit they can receive in the long term for their betterment.

Satan consistently tries to deviates the good Muslims from their purpose. He knows how to affect the people by filling their hearts with the desire of the worldly objects and comforts therefore he increases the desire of improving their reputation and fame by compelling them to pretend goodness.

In the Holy Quran Allah Almighty order the believers:

“So woe unto those performers of Salat (hypocrites), Those who delay their Salat (from their stated fixed times). Those who do good deeds only to be seen (of men). And prevent Al-Ma’un (small kindnesses)” (Surah Al-Maauun 107: 4 – 7)

Therefore, it is necessary that all the pious Muslims seek protection of Almighty Allah from the whispers of Satan and throw his advices out of their mind and life. Pious Muslims should only perform good deeds for pleasing Allah Almighty and to improve their life hereafter. Almighty Allah knows the intentions of every one that is why it is necessary that the Muslims should always remember that Allah Almighty is always viewing all the deeds performed by the people.


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