Noteworthy Ways Of Doing Good Acts In Islam

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November 24, 2015
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Noteworthy Ways Of Doing Good Acts In Islam

Doing Good Acts In Islam

Remembering the good deeds performed by you and thinking of all the acts of kindness you have performed towards your fellow human beings can make you contended and peaceful from inside. You may have offered someone your assistance or made your friend happy? You may have helped in making the path clear for the people on the road, relieved someone’s tension and helped them in completing their task. You might have helped the people by contributing your efforts to their beneficial purpose of assisting other people. You might have completed the household chores by offering few hours of comfort to your mother?

These are all little but helpful gestures to create happiness in people and do good acts for pleasing the Allah Almighty and obtaining His blessings in return. When person performs these kind deeds there is an instant when he or she becomes disappointed to view that whether all the good acts have any importance in front of Allah Almighty even when person has been committing sins or is in practice of ignoring Allah Almighty’s instructions. Therefore it is necessary that the intention to perform the good acts must be for the sole purpose of pleasing Allah Almighty and benefitting other people. The good deeds must not be performed for the personal favors or to improve the significance in front of others. For the good deeds to be profitable in the world and hereafter the person must not listen to the evil words of Satan and should pray to Almighty Allah regularly. He or she must complete their prayers five times a day. The person should ask for the mercy of Almighty Allah by becoming pious and increasing the chances of eliminating his or her sins. The person should keep on doing good acts to other people and stay thankful to Allah Almighty for his blessings.


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