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How to Safeguard Against Satan



Ibelees (Satan) is the most destructive enemy of mankind. He was once the angel of Allah. He became satan after disobeying Him. When Allah created Adam (A.S), he commanded all the angels to prostrate before him. All the angels prostrated but Ibelees proudly refused to obey Allah. That made him the Satan because of this sin. Allah made him leave His court and passed the orders to punish him. On the contrary, Satan asked Allah to give him time until the Day of Judgment to misguide man from the path of Islam. That is because he was thrown out of court because of man. He became the worst enemy of man.

Satan said: ‘I will go on trapping your slaves as long as their souls are still in their bodies.’ ALLAH said: ‘I will keep forgiving them with my majesty, as long as they keep praying me for pardon.’” [Musnad Ahmad, 3: 29]

The above Hadith emphasizes that, Allah has promised to forgive the sins of men which they have committed because of deceit from Satan, if the men pray for forgiveness from Allah and repent for His mercy. Good Muslims should also take some steps to protect themselves from the deception of Satan on daily basis.

How Satan deceits us

Satan whispers in our ears his evil plans and encourages the people to commit all types of sins. His purpose is to keep the men away from the obedience of Allah. Therefore, you should follow these five basic activities that are ordered by Allah to stay away from losses incurred by Satan.

Pray five times a day in mosque

People can protect themselves from Satan if they pray five times a day in mosque. That takes our heart and soul near to Allah and keeps us at distance from Satan.

One should say Bismillah before everything

Saying Bismillah before your activities will guard you against Satan. The name of Allah weakens the Satan and his evil schemes.

Include Halal in your life and avoid Haram

Halal is considered noble by Allah and Haram is strongly prohibited. Therefore Halal items will protect you against Satan.

Meet with good people

It is necessary that you should keep good company so that Satan may not misguide you with evil people.

Remember Allah in times of Hardships

Allah likes those people who remember Him in times of Hardships. It is easy to leave the right path in difficulty but one should obey Allah to weaken the Satan.



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