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September 10, 2015
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How To Perform Your Namaz Properly


Has it been a challenging task for you to concentrate on your prayers? Do you often come to the point when you feel you are confused or making mistakes? Do you often find yourself thinking that are these your first steps of prayers or are you in the steps of second cycle or rakaat. If you are questioning yourself with these questions then it means that you are being distracted by the Satan.

Khinab that are the specifically devoted set of Satan’s minions are distributed the task of distracting Muslims when they pray. Number of times it is our own mind that is not concentrating on the prayers. It is extremely important to focus in our prayers because with the absence of our mind the chances are our prayers might get rejected.

Measures that must be taken to ensure perfect prayers

You should try to analyze the elements that disturb you when you are praying.  They should be avoided. For instance, if there is too much noise outside your room, then you should pray on a different place. You should go to the mosque to say your prayers.

One of the best ways to concentrate on your prayers Is to learn the meaning of the verses. You should try to learn what each and every word of the verses you recite in your prayers means. This will make your focus better in the prayers. The verses you recite in your prayers will become meaningful and you will concentrate properly in a your prayers.

One of the best ways to improve the focus in prayers is to pray in a group of Muslims. That will make you feel that you are praying with a community. Praying together increases the Barakah in prayers. You can talk about the Islamic topics with fellow Muslims and improve your knowledge about Islam.



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