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October 3, 2015
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How To Manage Time During Umrah


One of the most difficult objectives of the pilgrims during Umrah is the management of time. For your convenience, we have provided some important recommendations for time management during Umrah this year.

Don’t Keep Your Watch With Yourself

The most significant fact that you need to realize is that time is not an important factor. That is because whatever task that would commonly take little time to complete, will take hours and days to be completed when performing Umrah. You can expect this during the time of peak seasons. There are delays at the airport and the buses might not be on time leading to further postponement of obligations. Therefore you should not try to manage your time according to your watch. That might lead to stress and worry because you may not be able to perform Umrah with minute to minute management of time.

You Should Not Take Unnecessary Electronic Gadgets To Umrah

Even when people are performing the spiritual journey of Umrah they are unable to leave their material possessions behind. There are numerous pilgrims who take electronic items with themselves for the entertainment. They can entertain themselves when they reach their homes because they have come to Umrah to perform their religious duties and please Allah Almighty for winning His rewards. The pilgrims go to Umrah for the worshipping Allah Almighty and cleaning away their sins to become pious believers. Therefore, they should keep on praying for the total duration of Umrah.

Meet With People

One of the biggest benefits of performing the Umrah is that you can meet with fellow Muslim brothers. Therefore, you should try to help other pilgrims performing Umrah. You can talk with them and discuss about the different obligations of Umrah. You can increase your knowledge about Islam with the fellow Muslim brothers by exchanging opinions on teachings of Islam. You can ask them to say dua or prayer for you when performing Umrah, increasing the chances of acceptance of your prayers.


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