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How Islam Confirms Women’s Rights

Paris, France, Muslim Women Demonstrating Against Islamophobie, Holding French Sign in Hijab

In the west, the common image of a Muslim woman is the stereotype of a woman covered behind a veil, a voiceless, quiet figure, deprived of rights. It is an image familiar to every one of us, mostly because this is constantly how the western media shows women and women rights in Islam.

Islam covers numerous lands with varied cultures. From the edges of Arabia to the coasts of Africa, from Bosnia to Indonesia, vast groups of people practice Islam. Islam is also among the fastest growing religion in European and American nations.

Each of these Islamic nations has its own distinct culture; there is a great diversity of societies within Islam. One cannot bring all these cultures, conviction frameworks, national legacy, political systems, geographical locations, historical backgrounds, and the peoples who symbolizethem under one uniform category or think of them as one system. Islam is practiced in each country according to those nations’attributes. And nations are, by existing as nations, distinct and different from one another. No two societies are alike.

Many may be amazed to hear that Islam is the first world religion, devoting one chapter (beyond any doubt) to women rights in Islam(Sure 4, Nessah). It talks about giving young girls the privilege to live, and that those parents who covered their baby girls must fear the Judgment Day, since those young girls would need to know why they had to die because of their gender.

There are many solid, independent and ladies in women in early Islamic history that have become easily household names and good examples dignified for eras of Muslim women. The womenof Muhammad’s family have not blurred into oblivion– the Prophet’s wife, Khadija, was not just the first convert to Islam (a lady!) also a financially autonomous businesswoman. I could continue more talking on the women rights in Islam and bring you more examples. However, concluding I would say that Islam gives women a lot of rights.


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